Our Imagination
Shapes the Future
We are a company that constantly adds value
and reshapes the new “normal”.

Our Business / Our Products

Both domestically and overseas, Orient Corporation collaborates with regional organizations to explore wide-ranging industrial business on a global scale.
Embracing the unconventional, we pinpoint business opportunities and risks the world over to create added value.

About Us


Introduction to the corporate profile of Orient Corporation

Ever since day one, Orient Corporation has provided various products as part of efforts to meet customer needs.
As a trading company, our ability to grow and gain credibility depends on remaining sensitive to changing times and needs, thinking outside the box and always keeping an accurate handle on global business opportunities and risks.
At Orient Corporation, as well as refining these capabilities that center on our core competence of nurturing candidates and developing products (systems, logistics, information management), we will strategically position existing infrastructure to receive customers and build new infrastructure. Leveraging trust earned through CSR as a top-down management initiative, we will develop businesses that contribute to society by targeting sustainability management from now on.
We will continue doing all in our power to meet the challenge of becoming a “value-added company” offering unrivaled competitiveness and quality.